Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked) (2024)

Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter, and knowing which weapons to use is one of the most important skills to possess in this game. In Tarkov, the weapons and weapon mods are undoubtedly the most extensive and detailed of any video game.

With that comes a lot of complexity. Moreover, finding good weapons can be difficult if you are new to the game. Of course, the meta always shifts, and some weapons don’t stay meta, but for the most part, some guns are better than others.

This article will cover all weapons in Escape from Tarkov and will rank them into distinct tiers based on multiple factors. We prioritize combat effectiveness, but we also consider other factors, such as price and availability. Some weapons will have unique additional considerations listed below.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our comprehensive Escape from Tarkov weapon tier list.

S-Tier – The Best Weapons in Escape from Tarkov

Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked) (1)
  • M4A1
  • Mk47 Mutant
  • RD-704
  • AK-101
  • SR-25
  • DT MDR 7.62×51
  • Kriss Vector 9×19
  • Kriss Vector .45
  • H&K MP7A1
  • H&K MP7A2
  • H&K UMP-45
  • FN GL-40
  • M32A1


Starting with the M4A1, and with some of the buffs 5.56×45 has received over the past few patches, its combination of versatility, firepower, and modularity is unmatched; it is still one of the best weapons in the game. This weapon is just as powerful and useful at close range as it is at a distance.

You can kit it out and have a meta weapon in any situation, or you can use cheaper attachments and go sniping; the possibilities are vast with this weapon. For these many reasons, it earned a high spot on our Escape from Tarkov weapon tier list.

RD-704 & MK47 Mutant

The RD-704 and the Mk47 Mutant are very similar weapons, and with how strong 7.62×39 is, they are easily S-tier weapons. They both have very little recoil, good ammo for them is easily available, and they do a lot of damage.

AK-101 & SCAR-L

The AK-101 and the SCAR-L are very similar: they are both cheap, versatile, low-recoil 5.56 weapons. Seriously, we recommend that you give them a try; a fully kitted out AK-101 with M856A1s shreds, particularly if you can reliably hit headshots.

SR-25, SCAR-H, and 7.62×51 MDR

The SR-25, SCAR-H, and the 7.62×51 MDR are the bread and butter of high-damage weapons in this game. Even playing them with M80 ammo allows your full auto to be extremely lethal, and targets at a distance are not safe either, as these weapons have excellent range.

The SCAR-H and the MDR have full auto capabilities and are a bit better up close, but the SR-25 is no slouch either.

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The Best SMGs in Escape from Tarkov

For the SMGs, both Vectors are extremely deadly up close; the 9mm Vector is a bit more versatile while being slightly less deadly in terms of raw DPS. Both are viable for an SMG loadout.

Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked) (2)

Both MP7s are absolutely insane this wipe. The problem with the MP7 was its random recoil, but after the recoil buff, this gun absolutely shreds. It has a better range than most SMGs, is very accurate, and has a high rate of fire. It also has one of the best ammo selections in the game and is definitely one of the top three guns in Escape from Tarkov right now.

The UMP-45 does not compete with the raw killing power of many of these weapons, but what it does have is everything else. To make this gun a laserbeam, you need to attach a sight and a grip to it and you will have a budget-killing machine.

This gun is extremely common early and mid-game in Escape from Tarkov because of its price and cheap ammo. Moreover, it has low recoil to help with full auto fire. All of these things combined make this an S tier weapon in Escape from Tarkov.

Grenade Launchers are Overpowered and Extremely Useful

Lastly, the grenade launchers are S-tier; they are extremely rare and, for a good reason too. Being able to launch grenades instantly and have them detonate on impact is a great advantage in every combat scenario.


Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked) (3)
  • DT MDR 5.56
  • AKM
  • AKMN
  • HK416A5
  • KS-23M
  • Mk-18 Thor
  • Accuracy International AXMC
  • SVDS
  • M1A
  • Remington RSASS
  • H&K G28
  • FN P90
  • SR-2M

These guns here are great choices, but they fall short in some respects of the S-tier weapons.

DT MDR 5.56 – A Terrific Early Game Weapon

The 5.56 MDR is one of the best early-game weapons; it is inexpensive and does not require many attachments to be effective. Just add sight and a grip, and you’re set to go! For starters or early on after a wipe, you can almost consider this to sit at the top of our Escape from Tarkov weapon tier list.


The AKs are the same as the S-tier 7.62×39 weapons, except when fully modded, they aren’t quite as good; however, it is very close. You would be doing yourself a favor by taking any of these weapons.

HK416A5 Moved Down on Our Escape from Tarkov Weapon Tier List Post Nerf

The HK416 used to be the best weapon in the game, but ever since the 5.56 and recoil nerf, it has not been the same. Do not be mistaken, though; this weapon is an absolute beast close to mid-range. It is still S-tier in the Labs and on the Customs map; however, the recoil is just a bit too much right now for this weapon to be at the very top.

KS-23M – A Terrific Shotgun with Good Utility

The KS-23M is the gold standard Chad killer on the Factory map in Escape from Tarkov, or if you run it as a secondary. This weapon has incredible one-shot potential if you are aiming for the legs. The star rounds help immensely with utility too. It is the best shotgun in the game.

MK-18 and AXMC Weapons in Escape from Tarkov

The Mk-18 Thor and AXMC are very interesting, as they are the only weapons currently that fire the .338 cartridge. These are terrific weapons in Escape from Tarkov that should be feared; with AP rounds, they are capable of one-shotting in the thorax, no matter if the player has chosen some of the highest-tier armor in Tarkov.

That being said, while these weapons are good at range, up close, they are kind of lackluster, and the recoil of the Mk-18 is really high. Combined with the availability and cost of these weapons, they simply are not the best of the best.

Other Great, Yet Expensive Weapons in Escape from Tarkov

The SVDS, M1A, G28, and RSASS all fall in the same category. The M1A, G28, and RSASS are just a bit short of S-tier because of their expense when fully modded out. Especially in the case of the RSASS, it is such a rare and expensive weapon that it is not worth it in a lot of scenarios in Tarkov.

The G28 is great, but it cannot be modded much.

Overall, had it not been for their price and availability, these weapons would be S-tier; however, for now, they remain firmly in the A tier list of weapons in Escape from Tarkov.

Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked) (4)

Next, in the A-tier, the P90 is an amazing SMG; it falls just a bit short of the MP7 at present, but they are very similar weapons. The P90 boasts impressive stats; unfortunately, it is only effective with one or two types of ammo.

Lastly, the SR-2M is similar to the MP7 and P90, with great ammo and rate of fire; the only thing holding it back is accuracy.

B-Tier List Weapons in Escape from Tarkov – Good But Not Great

Now, onto B-tier weapons in Escape from Tarkov; these guns are going to be good choices, but they are outclassed by some other guns or specific for a single play style.

Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked) (5)
  • AK-102
  • AK-103
  • AKMS
  • RPK-16
  • AS VAL
  • VSS
  • FN 5-7
  • RFB
  • AUG A3
  • ASh-12
  • RSh-12
  • Saiga-12
  • M3 Super 90
  • MP-153
  • MP-155


Starting with the MCX, this weapon has a great time-to-kill and good ammo; however, its accuracy is still poor, so we recommend playing it as a pseudo-SMG. All the AKs here are great on a budget, yet, there are better options.

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RPK-16 – A Good Weapon in Escape from Tarkov that Needs No Mods

The RPK-16 is one of the best 5.45 weapons because it doesn’t require any modifications to be good; you can just slap a grip and a sight on it, and you’re good to go.


The VAL and VSS have insane killing power at close range, but they struggle even at mid-range. They perform similarly to the MCX. The Ash-12 has even more power than all of them, but it is not a controllable weapon.

FN 5-7 – A Consistent and Powerful Sidearm for Tarkov Players

The 5-7 is the best pistol in the game. It is the most consistent pistol, with 20 rounds of 5.7 ammunition, making it great for pistol runs or just one-tapping people. The Rsh-12, on the other hand, is unreliable but packs a punch.


RFB is the best budget 7.62×51 weapon in Tarkov. It is similar to some of our other favorite weapons. Yet, you don’t need many mods for this gun to be useful.


The AUG A3 is similar to the MDR, where you can put a sight on it and be good to go; however, the weapon does not excel at anything, and the recoil is quite poor.

Other B-Tier Shotguns Weapons in Escape from Tarkov

All of the B tier list shotguns in Escape from Tarkov are best used with AP-20s or Flechettes. The rate of fire of these will shred any armor in the game within a few shots, but they are shotguns, so you are limited in many ways.

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C-Tier List – Average, Ordinary Weapons in Escape from Tarkov

Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked) (6)
  • H&K G36
  • AUG A1
  • MP5
  • PP-19-01
  • TX-15
  • ADAR 2-15
  • AK-74M
  • AK-74N
  • AK-74
  • AKS-74
  • AKS-74N
  • AKS-74U
  • AKS-74UB
  • AKS-74UN
  • T-5000
  • SV-98
  • VPO-215
  • SA-58
  • STM-9
  • SAG AK
  • SAG AK Short
  • Remington M700
  • USP .45

Low-Powered AK Weapons are Average in Escape from Tarkov

There are many AKs on this list, all of them 5.45-caliber, and to be honest, these guns are neither good nor bad. The ammo is a bit underwhelming as it does not have the strength of 7.62 or the versatility of the 5.56 weapons.

You can, however, kit them out for a price and make them really good-budget weapons. The only special ones are the SAG AK and the SAG AK Short, as they are carbines and operate in semi-automatic mode. They offer a more accurate yet less deadly alternative to the regular AKs.


The G36, while we really want to like it, has an initial recoil that is just too much and does not make up for it anywhere else. That being said, it is a 5.56 weapon with a decent fire rate and is not that expensive.

ADAR – A Decent, Cheap Pick for a Weapon You Can Easily Lose in Escape from Tarkov

The ADAR is an underrated budget carbine, and the TX-15 is a semi-automatic M4A1. The STM-9 plays more like a carbine than an SMG. We recommend tuning it, putting on a good scope, and aiming for the right shot. If you have good aim, these weapons will serve you well.

Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked) (7)

The MP5 and the PP-19-01 are very similar and both are good early-game SMGs. They do not excel at anything, and the 9mm cartridge is underpowered. They need just a bit more to be really good; however, right now, they stand in C-tier.

SA-58 Dropped a Lot on Our Escape from Tarkov Weapons Tier List Due to Nerfs

If you are returning to Tarkov, do not be fooled by the SA-58; it is no longer the laser-beam, high-powered killing machine it used to be. Now, you will be lucky if you find weapon mods for cheap to make the gun usable. Even then, we recommend playing it semi-automatic. Still, it is a 7.62×51 weapon in Escape from Tarkov, so there is that.

Bolt Action Weapons Have Limited Utility Due to their Low Fire Rate

Bolt-action weapons are good choices here, but they are limited in terms of their fire rate. The T-5000 is one of the best bolt-action weapons available in Escape from Tarkov. The SV-98 is often underrated, while the VPO-215 is the best budget bolt action available in the game.

Lastly, the M700 can be amazing when fully kitted out. However, it requires a lot of money to do so.

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USP – A Good Pistol Worth Considering

The USP is surprisingly good; it is definitely one of the best pistols in Tarkov.

D-Tier – Very Niche Or Underpowered Weapons

Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked) (8)
  • Saiga-9
  • MPX
  • PP-91 “Klin”
  • PP-91 “Kedr”
  • PP-91 “Kedr-B”
  • Remington M870
  • Mossberg 590A1
  • MP-133
  • DVL-10
  • Mosin(Infantry)
  • Mosin(Sniper)
  • MP9
  • MP9-N
  • SKS
  • OP-SKS
  • Glock 17c
  • Glock 18
  • Glock 19X
  • PL-15
  • SR-1MP
  • PPsh-41
  • VEPR Hunter
  • VPO-136
  • MP-43-1C

Not much to say about these weapons. They are usable, but in ninety percent of cases, you are better off using something else.

Pump-action shotguns are just inferior; the SMGs have too much recoil or bad ammunition, and every other weapon in this section of our Escape from Tarkov weapons tier list is not as good as some of the others higher up.

F-Tier The Worst Weapons In Escape From Tarkov

Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked) (9)
  • VPO-209
  • TOZ-106
  • TT Tokarev
  • APB
  • APS
  • M1911A1
  • M45A1
  • MP5K-N
  • MP-443 Grach
  • M9A3
  • P226R
  • PB Pistol
  • Makarov PM
  • Makarov PM(t)
  • MTs-255-12
  • MP-18
  • CR200DS
  • CR50DS

These weapons ranked in the worst tier list of weapons in Escape from Tarkov. They are either extremely situational or just borderline unusable. That’s not to say that you cannot use them, but rather that you would be better off in every single situation with another weapon in Tarkov.

Final Thoughts on Our Escape from Tarkov Weapons Tier List Rankings

We hope you enjoyed this article; it was our ultimate Escape from Tarkov weapons tier list, and with how many weapons there are in this game, this was no easy task. Regardless, if you are interested, check out our ranked list of the best Escape from Tarkov maps, and good luck in your raids!

If you have any questions or have any feedback on how we ranked the weapons in our tier list, please feel free to drop us a comment in the section below.

Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked) (2024)
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