NBA 2K24 Best Badges for All Builds: Guards, Forwards, Centers (Next-Gen, Current-Gen) (2024)

In this article we go over the best badges in NBA 2K24 for all builds, including guards, wings, and bigs. Badges play an instrumental role in the way your MyPLAYER will play.


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This year in NBA 2K badges are tied to attribute ratings. Once you have reached the attribute requirement, you will unlock the badge at the bronze level. You can upgrade to silver, gold, and hall of fame when you satisfy the attribute requirements. Badge progression is also tied to how often you activate the badge in your City, Rec, MyCAREER, and Pro-AM games. If you fail to activate the badge throughout multiple games, you will lose badge progression and drop a tier.

Speed Booster

Speed booster will be necessary for any primary ball-handler on NBA 2K24. The badge speeds up the explosion or burst a player has when attacking the perimeter.

Blow By

Blow-By will allow you to get past defenders on the perimeter. It will be helpful when you try to break down a defender and get to the rim.


Even though plucks in this game are a little overpowered, it is always nice to have Unpluckable to counter-lockdown defenders.

Needle Threader

Arguably, it’s one of the most critical badges in NBA 2K24. Without Needle Threader, it will take ages for passes to reach wide-open shooters. Your teammates will thank you for equipping this badge.

Agent 3

As with any 2K, shooting off the dribble from three is very viable. Agent 3 will give you a boost when you shoot off the dribble from deep.


Another badge that has been a staple in NBA 2K is Deadeye. This will help make shots that the defense did not properly contest.

Middy Magician

This badge is for the pure hoopers, who will get a bucket by any means possible. Middy Magician will open up your offense, as the defense has to be ready for an array of mid-range shots.


If you are the primary ball-handler, then Blinders is a mandatory badge. This will punish teams that aren’t the best at pick n’ roll defense.


You don’t want to be a total liability on defense; having Challenger will ensure that you get contests on the perimeter.


If you can afford it, this badge unlocks some ridiculous animations. Some of the animations are unguardable at times.

Catch and Shoot

In order to have an efficient offense in 2K24, you need to space the floor. Catch and Shoot will provide you with a boost on catch-and-shoot jumpers.

Corner Specialist

As a wing, you will spend the majority of the time spacing out in the corner. Corner Specialist will compound with catch-and-shoot to give you a remarkable boost to your jump shot.


As the primary defender, you’ll need the Clamps badge to stay in front of the opposing teams guard.

Immovable Enforcer

In NBA 2K24, Immovable Enforcer is arguably better than clamps. When you body up the opponent and get physical, it gives unique animations that slow down the opposing player.

Fast Feet

Another badge to couple with Immovable Enforcer and Clamps. This badge will help your lateral quickness on the defensive end.

Precision Dunker

The Precision Dunker badge will help you posterize opponents and will help take the randomness out of dunking.

Rise Up

When you go for a backdoor cut, the Rise Up badge will give you the best chance to ensure the possession ends with a quick standing dunk.

Needle Threader

This badge is a must-have on all builds in NBA 2K24. You are leaving yourself at a severe disadvantage if you can’t hit your teammates on time.

Off-Ball Pest

Backdoor cuts are extremely hard to stop in NBA 2K24. The Off-Ball Pest badge gives unique body-up animations to help prevent off-ball actions.


If you plan on playing any interior defense on NBA 2K24, you must make a build that gets the anchor badge.


This badge will give you animations to steal the ball in the passing lanes. The higher your interceptor is, the better the steal animation will be.

Right-Stick Ripper

This badge will keep the player you are guarding honest with their dribble moves. Anytime the ball is in front of you, activate this badge by flicking your right stick in the direction you want to reach. This can also be done when playing in the passing lanes.

Rebound Chaser

Rebound Chaser is always a vital badge in NBA 2K; there is no point in getting a stop if you can’t secure the rebound. Rebound Chaser will give your player unique animations to grab boards.

Pogo Stick

Pogo Stick is a big man’s best friend in NBA 2K; it will allow your player to make multiple efforts at a contest under the rim.


This badge will help deter any rim-running attempts from the opposing team’s slasher or primary ball-handler.

Boxout Beast

Boxout Beast will allow you to get in the best position for a rebound. It will also give you unique swim animations when fighting for offensive rebounds.

Aerial Wizard

The Aerial Wizard badge will make your player a handful to stop in the pick-n’ roll.

Chase Down Artist

The Chase Down Artist badge will allow your player to recover and make great blocks if the offensive player has a step on you.

Needle Threader

Needle Threader is vital on a big man making reads and throwing dimes from the short roll.

Break Starter

This badge is for all the bigs playing in the Rec and Pro-Am. This badge will allow you to grab the board and outlet it downcourt for an easy two or three.

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NBA 2K24 Best Badges for All Builds: Guards, Forwards, Centers (Next-Gen, Current-Gen) (2024)


What is the best build to use in 2K24? ›

NBA 2K24 Best SF Build

The Small Forward Best build is the best Lockdown build. This build has an 83 standing dunk for easy backdoors when called upon. An 87 mid range rating for access to TMac base and maxed out 3pt rating with max wingspan.

What is the best height for PG in 2K24? ›

6'6 Meta PG Height

Generally as a ball handler, unless your job on defense is strictly to guard a corner while your teammates hide you because you are that good as a scoring PG, you should be 6'6. View our Recommended Point Guards and you will notice that they are all 6'6.

What is the best position to play in 2K24? ›

Point Guards are best at this, and you really won't be able to go wrong. They will have good maneuverability on the court, good shooting and even good defense, provided you build for that. That's it for the best position to choose as a new player in NBA 2K24.

What takeover is best in 2K24? ›

The best NBA 2K24 takeover perk, however, comes from the Shooting takeover. This takeover comes from scoring and getting assists, naturally, since it is an offensive perk.

How tall can a PG be? ›

In the NBA, point guards generally range from 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) to 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) whereas in the WNBA, point guards are usually 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) or shorter.

What is the best height for locks in 2k24? ›

NBA 2k24 Best Lock Build | Best Lockdown 3 and D Wing Build
  • 6'7. SG/SF - HoF Immovable Enforcer.
  • 6'5. SF - HoF Limitless Range.

Does team practice help in 2k24? ›

The primary purpose of Team Practice is Drills, where you can hone your skills and gain Badge Points for your MyPlayer. Each Drill has a level — Easy, Medium, or Hard — and you will receive Badge Points when you finish the Drill based on the difficulty level and your success in the Drill.

How to earn VC fast 2k24? ›

Playing and completing NBA games in the MyCareer mode is always one of the most solid and reliable ways to earn yourself some nice VC. You should check what difficulty you've got the game set to, as it does have a direct impact on how much you earn per game.

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