How to Unjam a Gun in Escape From Tarkov (2024)

Without a doubt, Escape From Tarkov is one of the most intense first-person shooters on the market. This is thanks to its realism and challenging experience for its players.

Escape from Tarkov is a game that only keeps growing for the right reasons. The highly unique and realistic game offers an immensely immersive experience that almost no other game can match. This attention to detail can be seen even in how guns can jam in Escape from Tarkov. This can be a big problem during a gunfight if players don’t treat their weapons with care before the match.

This quick guide will cover gun jamming in Escape From Tarkov, including how to prevent it, why it happens, and how to fix your guns. So, stay with us and learn everything you need to know to keep your weapons primed and ready for battle!

Overview of Weapons Complexity and Mechanics in EFT

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Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter featuring some of the most complex weapon mechanics and systems ever seen in video games.

The game features realistic weapon mechanics, ballistics, wind resistance, and power for each ammo type. Each ammo type affects the players in specific ways, depending on the kind of armor they are wearing in Escape from Tarkov.

Because of the variety of ammo types in Escape From Tarkov, your weapon will be affected differently; some caliber rounds will overheat faster than others.

The weapon mechanics in this game are designed to be complex and realistic, providing a challenging experience wherein players must deeply learn about its systems to master the game.

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Why Do Guns Jam in Escape From Tarkov?

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There are a couple of reasons why a weapon could jam in Escape From Tarkov, and it is relatively easy to fix but can be lethal for the user if the gun jams at the wrong time.

Escape from Tarkov players need to know their favorite guns’ durability, capabilities, and status to prevent malfunction in the worst moments.

A weapon in Escape From Tarkov can jam due to poor maintenance and overheating. You will need to know how to unjam your gun in Escape from Tarkov, or you will be caught out and will surely lose.

Types of Malfunctions in Tarkov

Mechanical Malfunction

A mechanical malfunction occurs when a weapon hasn’t received any maintenance, and its durability has fallen below 93%. Once a weapon reaches this point, several malfunctions can occur.

You can identify the malfunction by the warning that the game will provide in the bottom right corner of your screen after inspecting the weapon.

These are some of the warnings that can pop up:

  • Misfire: This happens when the cartridge fails to fire, and the hammer or firing pin falls.
  • Failure to eject: This means that the bolt jams the cartridge. This malfunction can also happen due to the type of cartridge or overheating.
  • Failure to feed: This is more complex, but it means that a bullet is jammed inside one of the weapon’s mechanisms, such as the magazine.
  • Jammed Bolt: This can happen due to the poor technical condition of the weapon and overheating. There are two types of this malfunction: normal and hard; the only difference is the duration of the fix.

Overheating Malfunction

Weapons in Escape From Tarkov begin to heat up with every shot, especially when the trigger is pulled continuously or in automatic fire mode. Additionally, certain calibers and ammo types have higher heating percentages.

Weapons will also start to cool down while you are not shooting. The cooling rate will depend on the type of weapon and its components.

It is important to know that if a weapon is fired, the more it will become overheated, and its durability will drastically decrease without the possibility of repairs.

There are four stages of overheating:

  • Overheat Stage 1: The muzzle and barrel turn red in this stage, making it highly visible with thermal scopes.
  • Overheat Stage 2: The weapon accuracy gets affected, and malfunction might happen during this stage.
  • Overheat Stage 3: The accuracy and other stats, such as the rate of fire, will be heavily affected.
  • Overheat Stage 4: At this stage, malfunctions will start to happen constantly, rendering the weapon almost useless white is overheated.

How to Unjam a Gun in Escape From Tarkov

When the weapon jams, you will first notice that your gun has stopped shooting and a warning from the game telling you there is a malfunction.

If this happens, this is what you have to do to unjam your gun in Escape from Tarkov:

  1. Press ‘’L’’ to inspect your weapon
  2. Once this is done, the game will tell you what can of malfunction you have
  3. When the malfunction is found, press ‘’Shift+T’’ to fix the malfunction

Note: Remember that fixing the weapon can take less time or longer, depending on the malfunction.

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How to Survive When Your Weapon Jams in Tarkov – For Dummies

Yes, everyone who has played Escape From Tarkov has gone through this, and yes, it is frightening indeed, especially if you don’t know how to fix it.

If you are in the midst of a gunfight and a malfunction occurs, there are many things you can do to survive.

  1. First, keep calm and don’t panic, as this will make you make quick and bad decisions.
  2. If the enemy is close to you while this happens in Escape from Tarkov, do not start unjamming your gun, as they can hear everything you do and decide to push you if they notice your vulnerability.
  3. In close-quarters combat, pull up your secondary to continue fighting and keeping the enemy at bay.
  4. If you have teammates, communicate to them that you have a malfunction so they can provide cover.
  5. Know when to retreat if you are vulnerable and can’t keep fighting.
  6. Use grenades to keep enemies from pushing you and buy you some time.

How to Prevent Weapons Jamming in Escape From Tarkov

Repair Weapons With Traders – Accessible but not Cheap

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You can repair your weapons with traders, but it is costly and can only be done outside of a match. Also, repairing a weapon will decrease its maximum durability.

Every trader offers different qualities and prices to do this.


  • Instant Repair
  • Cheapest
  • Terrible repair quality
  • Very good repairability


  • Instant Repair
  • Reasonable repair price
  • Subpar repair quality
  • Very good repairability


  • Instant Repair
  • High repair price
  • Fine repair quality
  • Very good repairability

Check a Weapon’s Durability Before Buying It

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Especially with Fence, some weapons can already have limited durability before buying them, so inspect them before purchasing.

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Use a Weapon Repair Kit – Effective, Cheap, but not Easy to Get

Weapon Repair Kits can be hard to find, requiring considerable materials to craft. Weapon Repair Kits cannot be used during a raid.

Where to Find Weapon Repair Kits

  • Customs
  • Factory
  • Reserve
  • Woods
  • Lighthouse

We invite you to check the Tarkov Wiki to get more insight on how to find the Weapon Repair Kits in these locations.

How to Craft Weapon Repair Kit

This item takes 14 hours to craft.

  • Toolset x1
  • Leatherman Multitool x1
  • FireKlean Gun Lube x1
  • Weapon Parts x10
  • Insulating Tape x5
  • Set of Files ‘’Master’’ x1

Note: Your Workbench must be level 3.

Conclusion to Our Guide on How to Unjam Your Gun in Escape from Tarkov

This guide is helpful for you to know what to do the next time your weapon jams in the middle of a gunfight. Remember that patience is key in a game like Escape from Tarkov; do not panic and communicate with your teammates in such situations. Only try to unjam your gun in Escape from Tarkov when you are in a relatively safe location.

Feel free to visit our other Escape From Tarkov guides and stay tuned for more content. You may be interested in learning more about the best extraction shooter games like Escape from Tarkov for more hours of great fun with friends!

Good Luck, Comrades!

How to Unjam a Gun in Escape From Tarkov (2024)
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